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Organizational Development

Nurturing Growth

Organizations thrive on a solid foundation of values, strategy, administration and action. 

Let's get your foundation right.

The best way to lay your foundation is with a comprehensive organizational assessment that will evaluate each of the domains below. The assessment will provide the strengths and weaknesses of each area, conrete next steps, and clear priorities.

We can help:


Strategy & Strategic Planning

How do you turn your values and ideas into action and, ultimately, change? Strategy is one of the most valuable uses of an executive's time, but it can be hard to balance with day-to-day priorities. We can help build a single campaign strategy or facilitate a strategic planning process that charts your future growth.


Board Development

Are the right people on your board? Is your board fully engaged as a strategic collaborator in the work? Does everyone agree about the role of the board? Is your board equipped to provide oversight? We can help answer these questions and build a strong partnership between the board and executives.


Mission & Vision Alignment

Are you clear on your core values? Is everyone bought in? Or do you feel like your identity is drifting?

Often paired with strategic planning, mission & vision alignment sets the foundation for a strong organization.



How we tell our story is critical for making an impact, building awareness of your organization, and fundraising. We can make a plan to increase your coverage through earned media (the news), create a paid media plan, or strengthen your digital strategy.



Setting expectations. Delegation. Giving good feedback. Hiring. Firing. Creating culture. Management is tough but critical to the success of your mission. Breakaway can provide an assessment of your current management practices, outline resources for improvement, and coach executives to be better managers.



As organizations grow, they need different systems to manage contact lists, payroll, human resources, evaluations, raises, budgets, insurance, legal requirements and more. Do you have what you need for your team to succeed? Are your systems designed to be equitable? Many visionary organizations neglect their internal systems, and pay a high price for it down the road.

Ryan coached me as a new executive director. He helped me to understand not only the nuts and bolts of the role, but how to be make hard decisions, without fear of the results. We're now set up for the next step in our justice journey.

Ken Whittaker, Executive Director, Michigan United

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