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Strategy & Issues

Strategy is how we take action to turn our values into results. It's one of the hardest skills in organizing and advocacy. We can help craft a strategy for your campaign or organization to answer that key question: how do we actually make change?

Is your goal clear, concrete, and achievable? Will it measurably improve people's lives? How should you leverage power and collaboration? Can your goal be achieved in the short-term, or do you need to change the political or advocacy environment first?  Are organizing, communications, policy, civic engagement and philanthropy leveraged together effectively, or are they working at cross-purposes?

Strategy consulting can help you answer these questions for a campaign, an organization, a local ecosystem, or an entire field.

Issue Area Experience

With twenty years of experience in advocacy and organizing, we've worked on a number of issues. We can advise you on strategy on the following topics:

-Immigrants rights and immigration reform, including enforcement and legalization.

-Immigration legal services.

-Workers rights, including unemployment benefits, minimum wage and wage theft.

-Housing, including foreclosure prevention and eviction diversion.

-Health care, including the Affordable Care Act and vaccination education.

-Environmental justice, particularly corporate campaigns.

-Criminal justice reform.

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