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A good coach can make all the difference for an executive or manager. Oftentimes it's hard to troubleshoot an organizational problem with the people inside your organization. Other times, some outside perspective can clarify what's really important. After nearly 20 years of experience in social change, we've encountered most of the common problems managers and executives face.

Coaching services start with an initial assessment that leads to personal development goals. We then check in weekly on the clients needs and their progress on their own personal development.

What goes into a coaching plan?

When coaching a client, we'll develop a plan that will examine the following questions:

-What is your deep, personal motivation for this work?

-What are your overall goals for personal growth?

-Does the organization have clearly defined and communicated shared goals?

-What is holding you back from achieving your goals?

-Are you a balanced person with interests and passions outside of work?

-What are your management strengths and weaknesses?

-How are you developing the next generation of talent?

-What is it about the job that fuels you, and how do you make time for that?

-Are you leading with both strength and  vulnerability?

-Are you getting what you need from the staff?

-How is your time organized? Are you spending your time on the highest value tasks?

-Are you working from a proactive strategy, or reacting to one crisis after another?

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