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The Fundraisers Academy:

Foundational Skills

-Developing a clear, compelling brand and story.

-Identifying and leveraging your organization’s comparative advantage.

-The cycle of mobilization, media and money.

-Making what your organization does countable, trackable, and braggable.

-Annual cycle of donor communication

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Foundation Grants

-Translating your work into a compelling narrative.

-Framing your work to "fit" a foundation's priorities.

-Building relationships with foundation officers.

-Understanding the different sorts of foundations and their structures.

-Leveraging what a foundation will fund to support what you want to do.

Individual Giving

-Building your list and identifying new donors.

-Maximizing your existing base of givers.

-Cultivating donors for the long-term.

-Making a compelling pitch and a solid ask

-Understanding donors' self-interests.

-Building systems to track, communicate with and engage donors over time.

-Working with major donors.

-Building a small donor program.

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