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Fundraisers Academy:
More Money for your Movement

THE PROBLEM: We all know that fundraising is the lifeblood of strong organizations. Yet, most ‘non-profit’ fundraising and development training is short-term, generic, and leaves out organizing. Learners often don't get the real world feedback that they need to improve their skills.


This results in movement organizations that are perpetually under-funded. Entry-level development staff burn-out or move on, frustrated by the lack of support and training. This is a particular barrier for staffers of traditionally marginalized identities. And as ED’s direct more of their own energy toward fundraising to compensate, they have less time for strategy, coaching, and building the organization.


Fundraisers need space to develop their skills over time with the support of their peers. They need practical advice on how to raise money for movement building organizations. Critically, they need individualized coaching to review their systems, materials, and pitches.

That's where the Fundraisers Academy comes in.

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A Collaborative Approach to Fundraising Training

Fundraisers Academy is a collaboration between Breakaway Strategic Consulting and Innovative Fundraising LLC, a leading non-profit fundraising consultancy based in Chicago. The Academy brings together Breakaway's experience applying for foundation grants with Innovative Fundraising's expertise with individual and major gifts.

The Academy initially involves four sessions of two hours each. Two sessions focus on foundation grants and two sessions focus on individual giving. Each session will ask participants to complete homework projects of practical benefit for their organization. Participants additionally get one hour of individual consulting with either Breakaway or Innovative Fundraising to get individualized feedback on their grant proposals, materials, or funding pitches. Graduates of the academy can stay involved through an online learning community. Click here to learn more about the individual skills to be covered.

Graduates of the academy are eligible to enroll in the Fundraisers Advanced Academy, an annual 3 day intensive training retreat. Advanced Academy participants take a deep dive into building their long-term development plans with feedback from their peers and hands-on support from coaches.

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Fundraisers Academy Fall Cohort is October 3, 14, 17 & 24, from 1 pm - 3 pm EST.

Cost is $2000. Scholarships may be available.

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